Straight from briefing we work on a detailed workflow of production. The creatives are immediately bestowed with scripting as per the briefing. The producers work on budget, locations and casting

Documentaries are our way to voice out different points of views. The long and short formatted reality documentation has been a strong suit to all the filmmakers in the team.

Adapting to the current digital platforms we have formulated creative and technical expertise in delivering stunning on the bang content that are viral and unique to the demands.

Setting the tone and bringing out an audio visual translation to a brand is one that deserves much attention and precision in the making. Through extensive research

Breathing a visual life to music is an exciting road for us. Peculiar and emotionally striking visual content can be produced in gruelling time and budget constraints. Look at our techniques.

Becoming the tool to voice concerns and ideas to the public have become our forte through the years. PSAs provide us a opportunities to connect with the world

How we work


We are extremely excited to work in the most challenging settings. Each member of the crew is grabs the opportunity to find their own unique voice and perspective to the creation of each film we are making.
We are often told that watching us work is like seeing a house on fire. Incessant shouts, moves, runs, retakes, laughter, traffic blocks, shot blocking, music, edits, location shifts and lots of smiles make our days.
Watch us work!
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